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In year 2001, under the encouragement by the than Principle of Malaysia Fo Guang San (Buddhist Light Association), Venerable Mun Ya and support of a successful entrepreneur, Dato Soo Lai Sing, Lim brothers with some experience and knowledge in health food products, have decided to give up their job to set up GBT Trading Sdn Bhd (GBT). After years of experiments and expertise, trials and errors, with some guidance and feedbacks from the experts, GBT works on upgrading the technology and improving the quality of its products and has finally formulated their own successful black sesame cookies recipe which is very unique and special, crafting a niche for themselves in the Malaysian health food manufacturing industry.

As at 2011, having enjoyed continuous growth for the past ten years, GBT has successfully launched more than 200 varieties of products into the market. The products are sold under the brand names of (GOOD BROTHERS) and (GREEN BIOTECH).

Our company’s products are divided into ten major categories, i.e.:

1. Organic Multi Grains Healthy Snack Series 6. Health Products
2. Bean & Nut Series 7. Multi Grains Series
3. Noodle Slice & Noodle Slice Soup Series 8. Fruits Vinegar & Liquid Series
4. Dried Fruits Series 9. Seaweed Products & Fried Products
5. Paste & Soup Series 10. Agent Products

Our main customers are organic shops, vegetarian restaurants, vegetarian ingredient suppliers, native products centers, tourist centers, hypermarkets and retail chain outlets nationwide. Our products are also available at Hai-O’s 60-odd retail outlets, Jaya Jusco, Eu Yan Sang chain stores, COSWAY & other major hypermarkets in the country.

GBT also provide wholesale packages and services to OEM companies. Besides, our company’s organic health food has also successfully captured overseas markets and is now made available to consumers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.

As part of our continuous expansion programme, we are seeking domestic and foreign dealers for our products. Interested parties please contact us for further detail. We hope to achieve mutual growth on a win-win basis by practicing the concept of preserving our tradition and promoting innovative food ideas. Through on-going research and development, we incorporate the modern nutritional goodness into conventional food items, giving them a thorough makeover and a refreshing taste without losing their traditional touch, offering more novelty and bigger business opportunities for domestic and international markets.



《林兄弟貿易有限公司》經過十年的成長,到了2011年,公司產品數量已經超過200种,分別以《GOOD BROTHERS》及《GREEN BIO TECH》的商標在市場上行銷。


一:《五穀雜糧有機方塊酥系列》 六:《保健產品系列》
二:《豆仁系列》 七:《五穀米糧系列》
三:《麵類及湯料系列》 八:《健康饮料及花茶系列》
四:《乾果系列》 九:《紫菜类产品系列》
五:《醬料及湯料系列》 十:《代理產品系列》

大馬國內的主要銷售网絡在于遍佈全國的有機商店、素食餐館及素料供應中心、土產中心等等。全國超過60家門市的《海鷗連鎖店》亦是主要的銷售處。另外,部分產品亦在國內的超商集團如捷世客(JAYA JUSCO)、余仁生連鎖店及為科思威直銷公司代工生產系列保健食品。



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If you have any further inquiries, please let us know and we will revert to you soonest possible.

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  • Email : gbttrading@gmail.com
  • Tel : +603 - 5121 3239
  • Fax : +603 - 5121 9122
  • Address :
    GBT Trading Sdn. Bhd.
    No. 9, Jalan Tamborin 33/23,
    Shah Alam Technology Park,
    Section 33, 40400 Shah Alam,
    Selangor, Malaysia.
  • Contact Persons :
    Mr. Lim Hooi Long (Managing Director)
    H/P : +6012-207 9638
    William Lim (Marketing Manager)
    H/P : +6013-347 6107